Our Solutions and Services 

Our mantra ’Real learning. Real results’ is deeply ingrained in the DNA of our thinking and the services we offer. 


We always approach our clients and assignments through the lenses of the business strategy and focus relentlessly on delivering real business results – to the top respectively the bottom line – in all aspects of what we are doing. 

Pro-Lead offers a wide range of expertise that contributes to delivering real results by adding value to the human capital of the company, thereby enabling tangible business results. 

We offer made-to-measure and ground-up tailored solutions in the following areas.
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True Leadership

Admitted, we work to a great extent with profit-oriented professional organisations. In recent times, numerous privately held organisations have been scrutinised for not being sufficiently sensitive and responsible to social and ethical needs and norms. 


In some cases that probably is true – some organisations seem to have lost track of virtues like honesty and humility. 

Still, we believe that claiming that companies make good profits and therefore is unethical is to draw a fallacious conclusion. 


We propose that ”do well by doing good” is a healthier approach to leading companies and people.  

Our position is that companies and their leaders can do enormously good. Leaders have huge impact on the quality of life of people around them. 


We hear from time to time from company leaders that they want to do (more) charity or voluntary work when they retire from corporate life. 

Our response is that leaders do not have to wait – they already have unique opportunities for doing good as leaders in privately held companies. 

1. Strategy-focused Leadership Development

Leadership development activities that go beyond basic skill and role specific training must be fully aligned with strategic priorities and the agenda for developing key organisational capabilities to have real business impact. 


Pro-Lead offers a range of services spanning from assisting on building a leadership model that translate the business strategy into leadership competencies and behaviors, over designing the platform and laying out the key principles for a corporate Leadership Academy to developing and delivering strategy-focused leadership development activities and programs targetted the critical skills of select target groups in the organisation. 


Through our international network of tone-setting researchers and academics, successful practitioners and leading trainers and facilitators we offer a scalable and deep bench of leadership development resources to match even the most demanding learning agenda of ambitious companies.

2. Executive Coaching – Transitions


There is some truth in the saying that ’it is lonely at the top’. Still, there is a need to have a neutral sounding board, to get a second opinion or just picking ideas and tap into the experience of a seasoned business executive. This is often the rationale for initiating a executive coaching process. We offer a diverse team of executive coaches who can match any imaginable need from senior executives seeking advice, professional sparring, open reflection and strategic self-insight.



When climbing one step up the corporate ladder, entering a new organisation as an external hire, or moving from one business area to another most managers feel a real strain on their resources. The famous 100 days to get a strong foothold in the new environment, and set an agenda in the new regime, poses a very steep learning curve with only a small margin between success and a missed opportunity to make real impact. 


Pro-Lead has developed a flexible and versatile framework for supporting leaders in transition. Based on research and insights on how leaders best grabble with their personal change agenda, clarify the expectations of their stakeholders, assess their team and craft a strategy for the period beyond the first 100 days we offer individualised executive coaching  programs. 


Over the course of series of structured coaching sessions that bring the mission critical issues to the table, we offer a targeted supply of powerful tools to the transitioning leader aimed at solidly establishing him or her in the new environment.

3. Performance Management 

The art and practice of performance management is rapidly changing these years. The old performance evaluation tools and processes are scrutinised for not yielding the business value and growth in human capital that formerly was taken for granted. 


HR organisations in ambitious companies are breaking new ground in pursuing the next generation of performance management tools for assessment and reward mechanisms that reflect new ways of working with for instance agile innovation processes and environments calling for high levels of collaboration, knowledge sharing and ever changing projects and work streams. 


Pro-Lead offers assessment of current practices and advice on how to bring performance management in alignment with strategic priorities, building mission critical organisational capabilities and competences along with delivering strong business results and innovative products and services. 

4. Employee Engagement

As new generations of employees enter existing organisations the need to revisiting deep seated assumptions on what drives employee motivation and engagement becomes a pressing issue. 


Designing enabling working environments, empowering leadership practices and bringing a sense of meaningfulness, direction and contribution into the workplace and each team call for fresh thinking and new approaches to redefining and delivering on the employee value proposition in the majority of established organisations. 


Pro-Lead offers a range of services from assessing current and future HR and leadership practices, revamp or revitalisation of engagement surveys, and innovative and engaging processes for transforming engagement survey results into meaningful and enabling actions.

5. Change & Cultural Integration

Any ambitious and foresightful business strategy must be backed by a comprehensive and sweeping change and cultural transformation program. Insights into how a new corporate or divisional strategy is supported by, or running counter to, the existing company culture and behavioral patterns is key to successful implementation of strategy-driven change initatives.


Pro-Lead has extensive experience in assessing organisational culture and devising effective change initiatives. We have deep hands-on experience and expertise knowledge in designing and executing cultural integration programs in merging and geographically expanding  organisations. 


In addition, we offer cultural training programs for leaders with cross-border and global business and people responsibilities. 

6. Developing Leadership Teams​

True teamwork is an under-utilised resource in most organisations. Building a cohesive leadership team where the level of trust, accountability and orientation towards shared goals is high, has a dramatical impact on cultural alignment, sense of direction and climate for collaboration not only in the team, but throughout the organisation. 


We use globally acknowledged assessment tools and development techniques to support leadership teams in exploiting the synergies of true team orientation. Pro-Lead is proud to be Authorised Partner, and serve as accreditated facilitators, in the WILEY Five Behaviours of a Cohesive TeamTM training system building on the ground-breaking work of Patrick Lencioni.


Our offerings in developing leadership teams are always adapted to the specific needs of the company and team structure. Often a program is initiated by a thorough team assessment using the combined team assessment and personal profiling test developed by WILEY. This is done to establish a baseline for developing the team behaviours most critical to the performance of the team. 

7. Leadership Assessment

Being able to identify and fill the bench of leaders who can take strategic positions in the near, intermediate and longer term is a key discipline if HR is to serve the needs of the external board and executive committee. 


Thorough succession planning and proper assessment of the managers capable of taking the last steps up the corporate ladder is a multi-disciplinary effort that brings the use of psychometrical tools, long-term planning and meticulous use of data and inputs from various sources and stakeholders together into a clear-cut picture and solid plan ensuring that the organisation can maintain and renew the leadership resources that will propel the company towards its vision. 


Pro-Lead offers advice, tools and processes to support the vital process of assessing and planning the succession of leaders to fill the key positions in the company. We are seasoned users of for instance psychometrical test as Hogan Assessment Systems, designing leadership assessment centers and facilitating succession planning processes working with the senior management team and HR.

8. Talent Development

To attract, identify and retain the most talented people on key positions and focus areas in the organisation is a mission critical endeavour for HR organisations in leading companies. The war on talent has intensified over recent years and hence the organisation’s ability to grow talent from inside is a viable approach to ensure sufficient supply of talent. 


Growing talent from inside implies taking a strong and pro-active stand on how to ensure optimal conditions for cultivating the talents and high-potentials identified for future key positions. 


Pro-Lead has extensive experience in designing talent development activities that accelerate learning, tap into the potential of the talents, and ensure an optimal mix of individual, team based, internal and external exposure, experience and education for the company’s rising stars.

9. Developing HR organisations

Structure follows strategy and HR strategies should point out how key business strategic priorities are reflected in the scope and focus of how HR supports the strategic agenda. As business strategies rest on the explicit or tacit assumption that HR will ensure the organisational capabilities needed to execute successfully, the HR organisation must be organised around developing and delivering the competencies and skill sets in immediate as well as longer term need to drive the business. Moreover, HR must support the business with advice, tools, policies and practices that enable performance of business lines, teams and individuals. And all this must be done in an efficient and lean way to ensure reliability, speed and quality in the services provided by HR. 


Pro-Lead has expert knowledge in designing and aligning HR organisations to the business strategy and real needs of the business. Or approach builds on a combination of extensive experience, time proven methodologies and tools, and a hands-on pragmatic approach to enhance the business impact of HR’s operation, development and deliverables.


Moreover, we offer training and support of HR Business Partners in driving real business value out of the HR resources.


10. Leadership Summits and Executive masterclasses 

Pro-Lead offers to co-create and deliver large-scale summits where the leadership community can meet and commonly reflect, work on strategic themes and take stock of must-win battles and key priorities. At leadership summits, senior managers join forces and align around a company’s shared vision and core values to accelerate the strategic and cultural transformation of the organization.

We offer to facilitate the end-of-end process of selecting key topics reflecting the strategic agenda, developing workshop activities, building presentations and support materials, briefing the keynotes, technical assistance and more. 


Executive masterclasses, carefully designed to address topics that are instrumental to succeeding in the transformational journey of the company, can be a turning point in the efforts of aligning the management team around a shared agenda. We offer to design and conduct seminars and masterclasses with workshops facilitated by leading scholars and keynote speeches by tone-setting practitioners.

Our collaboration with executive education centers at a range of leading international business schools provides vast opportunities for matching the needs for any corporate learning agenda.