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Executive Coaching


There is some truth in the saying that ’it is lonely at the top’. Still, there is a need to have a neutral sounding board, to get a second opinion or just picking ideas and tap into the experience of a seasoned business executive. This is often the rationale for initiating a executive coaching process. We offer a diverse team of executive coaches who can match any imaginable need from senior executives seeking advice, professional sparring, open reflection and strategic self-insight.



When climbing one step up the corporate ladder, entering a new organisation as an external hire, or moving from one business area to another most managers feel a real strain on their resources. The famous 100 days to get a strong foothold in the new environment, and set an agenda in the new regime, poses a very steep learning curve with only a small margin between success and a missed opportunity to make real impact.


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Pro-Lead has developed a flexible and versatile framework for supporting leaders in transition. Based on research and insights on how leaders best grabble with their personal change agenda, clarify the expectations of their stakeholders, assess their team and craft a strategy for the period beyond the first 100 days we offer individualised executive coaching  programs. 


Over the course of series of structured coaching sessions that bring the mission critical issues to the table, we offer a targeted supply of powerful tools to the transitioning leader aimed at solidly establishing him or her in the new environment.

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