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Developing HR organizations

Structure follows strategy and HR strategies should point out how key business strategic priorities are reflected in the scope and focus of how HR supports the strategic agenda.


As business strategies rest on the explicit or tacit assumption that HR will ensure the organisational capabilities needed to execute successfully, the HR organisation must be organised around developing and delivering the competencies and skill sets in immediate as well as longer term need to drive the business. Moreover, HR must support the business with advice, tools, policies and practices that enable performance of business lines, teams and individuals. And all this must be done in an efficient and lean way to ensure reliability, speed and quality in the services provided by HR. 


Pro-Lead has expert knowledge in designing and aligning HR organisations to the business strategy and real needs of the business. Or approach builds on a combination of extensive experience, time proven methodologies and tools, and a hands-on pragmatic approach to enhance the business impact of HR’s operation, development and deliverables.


Moreover, we offer training and support of HR Business Partners in driving real business value out of the HR resources.

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