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Henrik Jespersen CEO Pro-Lead CommuteApp Pro-Rekruttering

Starting anything is hard, but it does not have to be. 

As CEO in both Pro-Lead and CommuteApp, Henrik Jespersen has a high degree of expertise in entrepreneurship. With an extensive career as an entrepreneur, starting more than 10 companies, Henrik has a lot of experience with managing start-ups and building the requisite organization and structure that fosters success. With his experience as an entrepreneur, Henrik can help your start-up and help drive your project towards success. 

Henrik also holds seminars on leadership, organizations, and entrepreneurship. Henrik can be booked to speak of his experiences in positions in Grundfos, Fertin Pharma, and Gumlink; his journey as an entrepreneur with Pro-Lead, Pro-Rekruttering and CommuteApp, along with his authorship of “Kontrol er let – Ledelse er svært”

Henrik can tell of both his successes and failures in his journey as an entrepreneur. As Henrik puts it: 

“You learn more from your mistakes than your successes, and I'll happily share my mistakes” 
Contact Henrik to book a seminar, or read more about his authorship. 

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