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Leadership Assessment


Being able to identify and fill the bench of leaders who can take strategic positions in the near, intermediate and longer term is a key discipline if HR is to serve the needs of the external board and executive committee. 


Thorough succession planning and proper assessment of the managers capable of taking the last steps up the corporate ladder is a multi-disciplinary effort that brings the use of psychometrical tools, long-term planning and meticulous use of data and inputs from various sources and stakeholders together into a clear-cut picture and solid plan ensuring that the organisation can maintain and renew the leadership resources that will propel the company towards its vision. 


Pro-Lead offers advice, tools and processes to support the vital process of assessing and planning the succession of leaders to fill the key positions in the company. We are seasoned users of for instance psychometrical test as Hogan Assessment Systems, designing leadership assessment centers and facilitating succession planning processes working with the senior management team and HR.

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