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'Real learning, Real results'

Effective Learning, Effective Results

Pro-Lead is the missing link between theory and practice in leadership development.

By integrating academical research on leadership and learning theory with real world business experience we offer a unique approach to designing and delivering Real learning with Real results. 

By bridging the ”knowing-doing gap” that too often inhibits tangible business results from training and development investments to materialise we set a new agenda on how to build and deliver leadership development in a corporate context.

Sustainable Solutions

We build sustainable and balanced leadership development solutions in close collaboration with our clients to ensure strategic alignment, strong senior management sponsorship and training interventions with profound impact. 

​Our leadership learning and development solutions encompass a wide range of learning methodologies and a variety of topics and leadership disciplines. 

We develop and deliver our solutions through an international network of learning partners spanning from scholars in academia, over independent thought leaders to leadership practitioners with proven track records.

Real Learning, Real Results

Our mantra ’Real learning. Real results’ is deeply ingrained in the DNA of our thinking and the services we offer. 


We always approach our clients and assignments through the lenses of the business strategy and focus relentlessly on delivering real business results – to the top respectively the bottom line – in all aspects of what we are doing. 

Pro-Lead offers a wide range of expertise that contributes to delivering real results by adding value to the human capital of the company, thereby enabling tangible business results. 

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