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Being a PRO

Acknowledging that Leadership is a profession and that professional development is part of becoming and acting as a competent and responsible leader.

Young Business Colleagues



We always seek to work with clients in a pro-active way by being upfront, direct and clear in setting expectations, methods and solutions, raising issues, and adhering to the highest professional and ethical standards.

PRO as in PRE

By pointing to the fact that before efficacious leadership development and leadership action can be initiated, there should be a proper analysis and reflection.



As being in favor of 'Leadership' opposed to 'Management'. Pro-Lead seek to balance formal management practices with powerful leadership disciplines.

Kontrol er let ledelse er svær bog af Henrik Jespersen

‘Kontrol er let, ledelse er svært - en håndbog til mellemlederen’ is both a manual and a call to action against KPIs, workplace wellbeing surveys, and performance management. These digital control instrument erodes trust and hurts results in most companies


Written by Henrik Jespersen 


Here Henrik gives a lecture on leadership based on his book "Kontrol er let, ledelse er svært", for 270 leaders in 'Københavns Politi'

Contact us to hear more, or to book Henrik for a lecture.

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